The Professor as Writer

It’s a short week, so I don’t have too much to say or too much time to write. But my Digital Storytelling students got to see me-as-writer this week, when I did their short digital prompt along with them, so I thought it only fair that my other students get to see that I write, too!

I’m only part joking.

I mean, I know you all KNOW I write, in the abstract. But what I really want to show is that I write the same stuff I ask of my students: the same prompts, the same genres, the same standards of revision and polish, etc.

So, for my professional writing students, who have interview assignments due tomorrow, here is a recent interview I conducted with Tom Deis of Via Audio and Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth & the Catapult (both of whom played at UPJ in March of last year!) about how they eat while on tour.

And for my creative nonfiction peeps who are writing responses to the scar inventory prompt, here is a short essay I wrote about a couple of my scars!

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