How to Be An Explorer of the World

This weekend at the Creative Nonfiction Writer's Conference, I led a master class on Research Techniques in the genre. For those of you who attended (or anyone else interested in learning more about creative research), here are links to the essays and books I referenced. Immersion Pieces Jeanne Marie Laskas' "Underworld," and her entire collection, … Continue reading How to Be An Explorer of the World

Breaking Vegetarian

When I decided, five years ago, that I was no longer satisfied with my vegetarian diet, or its impact on the food system, I turned to the Internet to help me navigate that decision. I had a lot of questions. I wanted to know what would happen to my body, and how to prepare my … Continue reading Breaking Vegetarian

The Professor as Writer

It's a short week, so I don't have too much to say or too much time to write. But my Digital Storytelling students got to see me-as-writer this week, when I did their short digital prompt along with them, so I thought it only fair that my other students get to see that I write, … Continue reading The Professor as Writer