What We Carry

I finally got myself an iPad last week, and I’ve been having a great time exploring how to integrate it into my life. So far, my favorite uses have been creative (big surprise, I know).

For fun: I’ve been playing around with Keri Smith’s “This is Not an App.”


For day-to-day idea generation and noodling: I’ve been using Bamboo a Paper as a sort of journal, writing along to creative prompts and brainstorming exercises with my students.


For making: iMovie! Last Wednesday, I gave my digital storytelling students an assignment designed to get them through the entire process of making a digital story inside a class period (or just a little beyond). Just to show them, hopefully, this isn’t as hard or unfamiliar as they might imagine.

It only seemed fair that I do it along with them. I made this short digital story entirely on my iPad. It’s not a masterpiece of narrative or digital tech, but it’s a start:

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