Borders, Bodies, & Births: 2018 Reading Recap

I read more than I expected to this year! My Goodreads reading challenge goal was 35 books and I didn't fully anticipate I'd make it, but I actually read 39 books this year. Turns out, having an infant is more conducive to reading than I imagined it would be, with a few new tricks I've … Continue reading Borders, Bodies, & Births: 2018 Reading Recap

2017 Reading Recap

Just for fun (and a little late), I tallied up my 2017 reads. Here are some stats, observations, and favorites. In 2017, I read 33 books total. 18 of those were audiobooks (yes it counts as reading) and the rest were print or ebooks. I read 21 works of fiction and 12 works of nonfiction. … Continue reading 2017 Reading Recap