Seeking Women Who Eat…

I’m beginning the process of curating a collaborative digital collage of women + food called Mangia, Ragazza!

Mangia, Ragazza is Italian for “eat, girl!” which is what my Nona used to scold me when I told her I was full at the end of a three-hour meal. My goal with this project is to explore the multi-faceted, complex, often fraught relationships women have with food, as eaters, food providers, servers, chefs, etc. I wanted to create a project to give voice to the enormous variety of experiences (in age, place, culture, gender/sexual identity, motherhood, able-bodied-ness, etc.) to dismantle and re-conceive the notion that there is one “right” way to be a woman in the kitchen.

I’m collecting and collaging photos, videos, audio recording, recipes, memories, and whatever else comes my way into a tapestry of voices that continues to grow and deepen with time and participation.

If you’re interested in submitting to this project, you can do so directly on the Tumblr page (info and guidelines here) or by emailing me at

Remember: all are welcome in this project — I want to be as inclusive as possible to a variety of gender experiences and identities, and I want to include voices from all walks of life, not just academics/writers.