Teaching Updates

The Fall 2014 semester is officially off the ground, so I thought I’d post a few links here to my professorial life, in case anyone’s curious.

I’m teaching Writing for Digital Media for the second time ever this year (both my second time, and the university’s second-ever such offering), and I’ve created a separate website just for that class. You can see our full syllabus, and all course “readings” on the calendar page. We’ll be participating in a really cool global digital novel-writing activity called the Generative Literature Project, and there’s info on the website about that. I’ll also be updating our assignment pages as we progress through the semester, and the blogroll includes links to the websites my students are building, and to which they will post all of their work for the class.

My other classes this semester include two pop culture-themed sections of Composition I, and an Intro to Creative Writing class, and you can find syllabi, assignments, and readings for those courses at Professor Marissa.

I’ve gotten so much help from so many to develop these courses and assignments, so everything here is largely crowd-sourced, and free for anyone else to use as they please!

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