My Work-in-Progress

A few days ago, the lovely Amy Weldon tagged me for one of those Facebook go-arounds designed to help writer’s share their current work, so I thought I’d comply here on the blog.

The directive: post this letter, along with the first sentence of three chapters of your work-in-progress, and tag names of other writer friends in the salutation, making sure to tag the person who sent the request to you as well.


Introduction: This is not the story of a little, bleeding-heart, shaved-head hippie who was so horrified by the mistreatment of chickens that she became a militant vegan.

Chapter One: I’m standing in knee-high rubber boots, watching blood pool into translucent puddles then drift slowly towards the drains in the center of the sloped concrete floor.

Chapter Two: It never occurred to me, growing up, that a wooden folding rack might actually be used for drying clothes—because it my house, we used it to dry pasta.

I’m encouraging my students to share their work early and often this semester, so I’m sharing this here, in hopes it will reignite my spark for working on this project — I’m not big on forcing other people to join in, so I’ll just say, all my writer friends, I’d love to hear what you’re working on. Here in the comments, on my Facebook page, in a private email, whatever.

You all keep me going.

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